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SMTP server, it is all in the reputation

So, what is an smtp server? Putting it simply, it is a server that enables the delivery of email from a sender to a recipient. The simple mail transport protocol (smtp) is the standard  protocol for email sending, relay and receipt.

For Webquor Customers sending bulk email (such as an email marketing campaign) or email to their Customer’s via their website (such as an order confirmation), we need to make sure that the email is sent in a secure way. We also want to make sure that our Customer’s domain is not blacklisted, and that the recipient’s ant-virus and malware detection software always accepts the email being sent.

For bulk and website email, Webquor partners with SendGrid to provide that extra smtp server resilience that our Customer’s require. SendGrid is Webquor’s partner of choice. SendGrid has the expertise, reputation and service that we expect from a Webquor Partner. Sendgrid’s reputation means that all the leading anti-virus, anti-malware and email management systems verify the Sendgrid smtp servers as a recognised whitelist sender. Check out the link to learn more about an smtp server and how SendGrid works.

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